Sunday, June 28, 2009

An update

I have been pretty good. There have been two purchases made in the last 5 months that strayed from my sustainability goals. A Detroit Tigers shirt to wear to the game and a swimsuit for Puerto Rico. The suit I bought was a Patagonia, so at least it was still from a company that has sustainability in mind.

The fiber recycling conference was a success! I met Todd Copeland from Patagonia and Jana Hawley from Kansas State, she is also currently the president of the International Apparel and Textile Association. She liked my poster and enticed me apply to attend KSU for my PhD. I also met quite a few folks from the carpet industry. My poster was very well received. The concept of a slow clothing movement was discussed. This idea interests me.

Issues I have come across in my attempt to purchase sustainable clothing:
Bras- I need a padded bra with support, so far I have only found one expensive french company (this may be a business idea for me to pursue)
Shoes- Mine are getting pretty tattered, I have been buying secondhand and asked for some Simple brand shoes for my birthday
Bike Jersey- I might have to make my own, a wool one sounds too warm

A major problem I have is lycra mixed in with garments. There are all these beautiful organic cotton garments made by companies that are 98% cotton etc. and then 2% lycra. What happens to the lycra when it decomposes. If I am to strictly follow cradle to cradle sustainability rules, I would not purchase these products. I think I am going to have to investigate this further.

For my birthday Jeremy let me buy organic jeans, an organic red skirt and an organic white tee.

I have checked out a stack of books on vegetable and natural dyeing from the CMU library all of which are ancient which I am perusing as bedtime reading.