Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baaa Baaaa Black Sheep

Jeremy and I are starting to toy with the idea of moving to Traverse City and easing into farming. The plan would involve us both getting full time regular jobs to start and then buying some sheep, maybe 3-4 ewes. The first year I would take fiber spinning, knitting and weaving lessons and hone in my natural dyeing skills. My goal would be to take the sheeps fleece to the fabric stage and dye it naturally. From there I could sell my clothes on etsy, online or farmers markets. I could also sell my fibers, yarn, cloth etc. We could use the sheeps milk to experiment with learning to make cheese. Jeremy is also interested in growing hops. On our vacation to traverse city next week we plan on exploring the area more, going to the northwest michigan fair to look at the animals for fun and to meet with a rep from farmstone credit union to discuss what time of things we need to get in order financially if this is ever going to happen. Jeremy dreams of donkeys, llamas and chickens as well.

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  1. Oh Man! you guys are so cool for even considering this! I've been thinking recently how neat it would be to keep a sheep. If you do this, I will be a common visitor as long as I am welcome!!!